Copy and paste the following into a word document as a template within which to describe your project.

PBL Lesson Template


Project Title: Give your project an apt and snappy title.

Standards: List the academic content standards that this project addresses.

21st Century Skills: List the 21st Century skills that this project addresses.

Description: Provide a brief overview of the project. (Consider the Apple Learning Interchange at http://ali.apple.com for samples.)

Product Focused: Describe the final product the students will create, or the parameters of the final product.

Student Focused: Describe the role students play in the project.

Rubric Assessed: Upload your rubric here.

BONUS ELEMENTS (or Next Steps)

Problem Based:
Describe the problem to be solved or the question to be answered by students, or provide the parameters of the questions/problems students can choose.

Inquiry Based: Describe the students' role in selecting problems and questions, and how they will direct the project.

Collaborative: Describe the ways students will be required (or allowed) to collaborate

Real World Connections: Describe the ways in which students will connect with others outside the classroom.

Social Change: Describe how this project gives students an opportunity to effect positive social change.