Project Based Learning (With FREE Online Tools)

This workshop is intended as a Primer to introduce educators to Project Based Learning - and to the use of free online tools in project based learning.


Slides: Project Based Learning (Quicktime Format)

Google Moderator For This Session


Project-Based Learning



Tools for Inquiry

Web Search

Specialized Search (Killer Research Tools)

More Search Tools for Educators (Time Permitting)


Setup a Google Account! :)

Tools for Creation


Proof-of-Concept Projects (Time Permitting)

  • Develop Project Ideas
    • Identify Standards and 21st Century Skills (Objectives)
    • Consider Student Activities
    • Write a Rubric
    • Complete PBL Lesson Template
    • Post Rubric and Lesson Template to Sharing Page
  • Sharing and Peer Evaluation
    • Each Teacher Will Present a Lesson
    • Others Will Evaluate It
    • All Will Reflect and Revise


Google Moderator For This Session

More Sample Projects

Examples from GCT Sallie Hill

Example from GCT Thomas Cooper

  • Vernal Ponds project uses Google Docs. Students collect data on the vernal
    ponds around their school over a period of time, and then use Google forms
    and spreadsheets to upload and share the data between student groups, and
    then docs to collaboratively create data charts and write reports.

Note: See the Social, Global, and Green workshop wiki for more sample student projects: http://socialglobalgreen.wikispaces.com/

More Tools

Google SketchUp
3D Warehouse

Contact Information

Mark Wagner, Ph.D.